OMR Sheet Scanning Method

OMR Scanning Methods

The OMR sheet is a technical document that has certain designing parameters. Its four index points are what make it different from a normal sheet of paper that has bubbles on it. The OMR sheet, once filled, is scanned and then the scanned copy is read by the OMR software. The software requires a readable copy of the OMR sheet to provide accurate results. Hence, one needs to follow certain guidelines while scanning the OMR sheets.


New OMR Scanning Method

Earlier, scanning of the OMR sheets was done with the OMR device, also known as OMR scanner or OMR scanning machine. This machine scans as well as reads the sheets. But it is expensive and hence not many people prefer to use it now. This is replaced by the OMR software which processes scanned OMR sheets. Here are the guidelines that you have to know while scanning the OMR sheets.

  • You can use a scanner of any model or type for scanning the OMR sheets. Make sure it has good speed.
  • A flatbed scanner as well as a multi-sheet document feeder scanner can be used to scan the OMR sheets, as per your requirements.
  • The OMR sheets can be scanned on any personal computer or laptop, even in the absence of the OMR software.
  • Compatibility between OMR scanner and software is not required. You do not have to integrate the scanner with the OMR software. These two work separately. Hence, you can buy any type of scanner.
  • The scanner you use does not need to have special features like duplex scanning and color dropping.
  • OMR sheets can also be scanned on multi-function machines, photocopier scanners and rezographs.

The new OMR scanning method is easy and does not require you to follow too many complex guidelines. Also, the major work of processing is done by the OMR software.