OMR Answer Sheet Design Software

The OMR sheet is a technical document that has fixed dimensions and measurements. Earlier, designing the OMR sheet was a process that could be done only by professionals. However, with the introduction of Addmen's OMR software, OMR sheets can be designed by the users themselves. The OMR sheet designer is an inbuilt facility available with the OMR software. You do not have to buy it separately.

OMR sheet design process

You do not need to have any specific skills to design the OMR sheets with the OMR software. The OMR sheets can be created by dragging and dropping the matrix of bubbles. You have the freedom to move these bubbles in any manner, as you please. This is the technical part of the OMR sheet designing process. Once this is done, the sheet is exported to an external software for further editing, which includes adding the instruction text, logo of the institute, etc. These can be done using Corel Draw or Open Source free software. The process that follows is printing the sheets using inkjet, rezograph, and laser or offset printer.

Different types of OMR sheet designs

The OMR software gives you the opportunity to design different types of OMR sheets. There is no limit to the design layouts you can create with this software. The size of the OMR sheet can vary from that of a small stamp to as big as A3 size. However, the most commonly used paper for OMR Sheet Printing is A4 size white paper.

  • You can design the OMR answer sheet with this software. The answer sheet is used for MCQ based tests and is also known as OMR test sheet, test answer sheet, etc.
  • OMR forms can be designed for the purpose of collecting data. You can design OMR admission forms, application forms, questionnaires, feedback forms, etc. with the OMR software.
  • Special purpose forms can also be designed using this software. This includes OMR award sheets, ballot sheets, mark sheets, quality cards, etc.
  • You can also design hybrid sheets with the help of this software. Hybrid sheets are a combination of OMR answer sheets and forms. These are usually used in examinations where the information provided on the answer sheet has to be cross-validated with the one provided in the admission form in the past.
  • Usually, the blocks used in the OMR sheets are in the form of bubbles. But you can choose the type of blocks as per your requirement. You can opt for circles or even boxes if the marking system asks for the use of tick marks.
  • The blocks can also be integer type, matrix type, ABCD type, etc. These blocks can be used in combination in the same OMR sheet.
  • Duplex OMR sheets, sheets that have bubbles on both sides of the paper can also be designed with the OMR sheet designer.
  • The OMR sheets are automatically calibrated during the designing process. You can also calibrate the OMR sheets designed using the old OMR technology with the Addmen OMR Sheet Designer Software.
  • The OMR software can design both color as well as black and white OMR sheets. Moreover, you do not have to use special thick papers for printing the OMR sheets.