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Addmen OMR Software Features

Addmen is the leading company that provides complete OMR solutions. The success of this product can be attributed to its amazing features. Based on the new OMR technology, this OMR software provides 100% accurate results, even in case of skewed or tilted images of the scanned OMR sheets. The OMR software works independently and does not have to be integrated with a scanner. Due to this, you can use any type of scanner for scanning the OMR sheets. Once these sheets are scanned, they are read by the OMR software.

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of the OMR software is the scanner works really fast; it can read three sheets in one second. Apart from its OMR reading ability, it also provides the facility for designing the OMR sheets. Here are some basic features of Addmen's OMR software:

  • Designs OMR sheets in different layouts and sizes
  • Provides the ability to print OMR sheets on your own using a regular offset or inkjet printer or even a photocopier machine and normal white paper
  • Exports data in Excel, PDF, etc. after reading the OMR sheets

Every feature of the OMR software possesses several specifications as well as advantages. Knowing them before you buy the product would help you to utilize each of them efficiently for your work.


Features Related to Designing of OMR Sheets

The OMR sheet design is an inbuilt facility available with the OMR software. With this, you have the freedom to create different types of OMR sheets on your own and that too quite easily. Here are the features related to designing of OMR sheets:

  • You can create single and duplex OMR sheets.
  • You can have circles or bubbles for full bubble filling or boxes for tick marks on the OMR sheets.
  • It is possible to create grid free OMR sheets. You can also design the sheets by tracing pre-scanned OMR sheet images.
  • No extra time is needed to calibrate the OMR sheets. It is done automatically while designing the OMR sheets.
  • The OMR sheets based on the old OMR technology can also be calibrated with this software.
  • You can calibrate the sheets with or without timeline.
  • You can transfer the sheets to other branches of the institute via free backup server facility.
  • The OMR sheets are exported to open source software and hence a supporting software license is not required. You can also design OMR sheets with the help of MS Word templates.
  • You can also create OMR forms with unique barcodes or variable data using this software.
  • Know more about OMR sheet designing (link).


Features Related to Printing of OMR Sheets

Just like you design your own OMR sheets, you can also print them on your own. In other words, there is no need to hire a printing company to get the OMR sheets printer.

  • The OMR sheets can be printed using laser printers, inkjet printers, photocopiers, rezograph, etc. You can print these sheets in both color and black and white.
  • There is no need to use thick papers for printing these sheets. Normal, plain white paper (60-80 GSM) is quite sufficient.
  • The software has inbuilt module that allows OCR sheet numbers and barcode printing. You will also find a module that generates multi-page PDFs with variable data on every page for digital printing.
  • In case you have to print a huge number of OMR sheets, you can hire an offset printer for this purpose
  • Know more about OMR sheet printing (link).

Features related to scanning of OMR sheets

  • Addmen OMR software reads scanned OMR sheets
  • Sheets can be scanned on a different PC and read on a different one
  • Compatibility of the PC and scanner is not required
  • Not only reads OMR but also OCR, ICR, barcode and image
  • Reads both single sided as well as double sided (duplex) OMR sheets
  • Reads old OMR machine based sheets
  • No need to read data and photo separately
  • Scans in TIFF/BMP at 100-200 DPI in color, grayscale and black and white modes
  • Know more about OMR sheet scanning (link)


MCQ OMR Test Management Features

You may be a small educational training institute or a prestigious institute, but MCQ OMR test management tool would be useful to conduct multiple choice questions based test for any type of institutes. Here are some of the features of this amazing product:

  • You can create as well as check as many OMR sheets as you want with the OMR answer sheet checker.
  • You can apply several types of marking schemes on these OMR sheets. Some of the marking schemes include decimal marking, negative marking, complex marking schemes, etc. You can also apply cut-off marks.
  • Along with the multiple choice questions, the OMR sheets can also have column matching questions, numerical questions, true and false type questions, etc. OMR based psychometric test sheets can also be read and evaluated by this software.
  • Linked questions usually found in GATE exam pattern can also be used be evaluated.
  • It is possible to import the correct answer key by copy pasting it from Excel or by simply typing it.
  • The software provides alerts in case of errors like invalid ID, blank ID, wrong test paper set, double marked or duplicate ID on the OMR answer sheet.


MCQ Test Result/OMR Test Result Outputs

The OMR software provides you the feature of generating the rest results after scanning and evaluation. Take a look at the features of this facility:

  • Different types of reports can be generated with this software. The results are available in tabular as well as graphical form.
  • The graphical analysis reports display the scores in the form of pie charts, line graphs and bar graphs.
  • Comparison results are also available where the scores of the student are compared with maximum score, minimum score, average score and that of the toppers.
  • The reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, Word, etc. You can take the data and design your report card too.
  • This facility provides the option of presenting comparison reports for each paper which includes comparison of weak areas, sections of the test and the areas of negative scoring.
  • The results can be segregated subject-wise as well as topic-wise.
  • The software also provides detailed reports with question by question responses.
  • Multiple test results can also be printed on one report by providing multiple columns.
  • These reports can be uploaded online on your website or sent via email. You can also use SMS results facility for this purpose.


OMR Software Version 14 – Newly Added Features

  • The new version of the software allows reading of OMR sheets that have missing index points or are improperly printed.
  • The facility to display online test results is absolutely free.
  • You can use any DPI to scan the sheets. The software can adjust the parameters for reading as required.
  • The software maintains a log of your support requests. You can also find the OMR software training instructions easily.
  • The software screen shows alerts of new updates on the software.
  • You can easily export the data into another software with the help of the new version of the OMR software.
  • You can distribute the reading process among different terminals and combine the data together for processing the results.


Accuracy of OMR Results

  • The OMR software provides 100% accurate results under any kind of situations. In other words, even if the sheets may be rotated, tilted or skewed, you will definitely receive accurate results. It automatically rectifies slightly tilted sheets before scanning or reading.
  • In case the scanned images of the OMR sheets are excessively tilted, the software sends alerts so that these can be rectified.
  • The scanning sensitivity can be adjusted as per the policy of the exam body and hence all types of bubble markings can be read by the software.
  • Neither the thickness of the paper nor its colour can have any effect on the accuracy. Also, the software does not wear off because of reading many OMR sheets.


OMR Software Speed

  • Addmen's OMR software has the ability to read almost 100 sheets in two minutes.
  • On an average PC, the software scans one sheet in one second, whereas in a good, high speed PC, it can scan three sheets in one second.
  • The speed of reading the sheets does not lessen because of reading too many sheets.
  • The marks are calculated simultaneously while the sheets are read. In other words, extra time is not required to make separate mark lists.
  • The software provides alerts in case of filling mistakes during the reading process. You will get alerts in case of blank roll no., blank test paper set, invalid roll no., multiple bubbles filled in one column, etc.


User Friendly

  • At Addmen, we aim to provide the best user experience to our customers. We take the suggestions and feedback from our customers to enhance the operations of the product. This has helped us to come up with an evolved product.
  • You do not have to learn any new skill to operate this software. It is very simple and user friendly.
  • You will receive help at every step of using the software. Moreover, its context specific setting menu will make it easy for you to use it.
  • While the OMR answer sheet checker can be operated using just four step processes, the OMR form reader (used for data collection) can be operated with the help of two step processes.
  • You can use any DPI for scanning the sheets. Moreover, the OMR sheets can be scanned in grayscale, colour or black and white mode.
  • The OMR software possesses an OMR scanning defect detection mechanism which adjusts its parameters automatically as per the mode of OMR scanning, even in the same lot of OMR sheets. This minimizes the chances of rejection completely.
  • The software can read coloured OMR sheets too. It automatically drops the colours during the reading process.
  • You do not have to spend time in finding or checking duplicate roll numbers as they are easily detected by the software. It also shows the previous records and sheets of the same roll no.
  • The test reports need not be made manually. The calculations of the tests are directly exported to PDF files which can be uploaded on the website as a downloadable file or sent through email
  • It is easy to send the reports using the SMS facility.


Technical and PC Requirements

  • The OMR software works on all versions of Windows, be it Vista, XP, 7 and 8 (32/64 bit). You can use a computer which possesses latest configuration.
  • You can use any model or brand of ink-jet or laser printer for printing the OMR sheets.
  • There is no need to buy a high end scanner for scanning OMR sheets. This can be done with a regular scanner of any brand or company.
  • The scanner and printer need not be installed on the PC where you have installed the software. You can scan the sheets on a separate PC and run them on a separate machine.


Operating System Requirements

Any computer that has the latest operating system can be used for installing as well as using the OMR software.


Other Salient Features

  • The installation process is quick and easy. You have to use a single file to install the software. A single click and your software would be installed in a minute.
  • You can export the data received from the OMR reading process to Access, Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Addmen provides frequent software updates on our website

The Addmen OMR software features make it the best product in the market. This software is available in three versions: standard, professional and server. While the standard OMR software possesses almost all the features mentioned above, the professional software is used to read higher volume of sheets at a short time. It can also read OMR sheets that do not have index points or those that possess misaligned bubbles. On the other hand, the server version is useful for those who have branches at different locations but want the processing to be done at the same time. With the server version, you can easily upload the OMR results at real time.