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OMR test analysis report

The main purpose of the OMR software is to read the OMR sheet, evaluate the data derived and provide the results. Apart from this, it also has several other features which make it the best OMR product in the industry. Besides designing the OMR sheet, it is also possible to get an OMR test analysis report through this software. In other words, the software has the capability to analyze question papers with the help of information received through statistical studies conducted on the responses provided by candidates or students who have attempted the test.


Finding the difficulty level of multiple choice questions

While setting question papers, teachers or professors include questions which they think are difficult. This may not be true in reality as students may be aware of similar types of questions and would have practice solving them. In such cases, the OMR software test analysis report would be useful.

The difficulty level of the question can be decided by knowing the difference between the number of people who attempted the question and the number of people who got it right. This method is better than pre-deciding the difficulty level of the questions.

Statistical Parameters

There are various statistical parameters that can be applied to question papers to know its difficulty level. Some of the parameters used by the OMR software include Fergusion's Delta, Point Biserial Coefficient, Item Response Curve, Item discrimination Index, etc.

So get hold of the OMR software to get the OMR test analysis report.

OMR Test Analysis Report
OMR Test Analysis Report
OMR Test Analysis Report
OMR Test Analysis Report