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Addmen OMR Software Accuracy

MR Software Accuracy

The OMR accuracy of the OMR answer sheet checker software would depend on the sensitivity level of the reader software. Depending on the policy of the MCQ examination body, the OMR software can read any type of OMR bubble filling.

The accuracy of the OMR software is extremely important. The OMR software is used in place of manual checking. As the OMR sheets are used as answer sheets by government bodies and popular institutes for their entrance examinations, acquiring accurate results becomes quite important as the future of several people rest on these results.

The accuracy of the OMR machine or scanner which was based on the old technology depended on several factors like straightness of the sheet while printing, cutting as well as scanning. Even a slight tilt or shift could lead to inaccurate results. Moreover, the sheets had to be read twice, in both high as well as low resolutions. Once this was done, the discrepancies in both were checked to derive at the results. This was quite time taking and did not guarantee accurate results. However, all this has changed with Addmen's OMR software. This software is based on new technology and provides 100% accurate results.

  • It is possible to adjust the threshold and sensitivity for reading the OMR bubbles. You can adjust the software according to what you want it to read and what to ignore.
  • You do not have to worry about rotated, skewed or tilted sheets. All sheets are read accurately by the software.
  • The software automatically rotates sighted tilted or skewed images of the scanned OMR sheets.
  • In case of extremely tilted or skewed OMR sheets, the software sends alerts so that you can correct them. But in no case does the software provides inaccurate results.
  • There is no need to use thick papers for the OMR sheets. The software reads scanned images of the OMR sheets and does not rely on the thickness or the color of the OMR sheet printing.
  • The OMR software can read more than 10000 sheets every day. However, this does not affect its accuracy in any way.

As Addmen's OMR software provides 100% accuracy, this has become the most popular and the best OMR software which is not only used by organizations in India but also in foreign countries.