OMR Scanning Services in India

Will OMR Scanning Businesses Prove Beneficial for Indian Markets?

The need of OMR sheet scanning is growing at a very fast speed; and in the coming next 5 years, this need will expand to a great extent. It is surely a good idea to set up a business of OMR scanning in India. These sheets have wide applications in various competitive exams. Most large agencies or organizations afford to buy this OMR scanner but small and medium scale industries often look for companies who offer scanning services.


Are OMR Scanning Services Already Available in India?

We at Addmen Group offer a range of OMR scanning services throughout the country, handling a lot of evaluation and sheet processing projects every day. We use our most advanced OMR software solutions that deliver very high speeds of scanning.


At what Price OMR Scanning Sheets are Available in India

The exact cost of scanning depends on many factors, including cost of the scanner, the scanning speed, the total number of sheets to be scanned, and the time period needed to declare the final results. Depending on these parameters, the personnel costs may also go up. Sometimes the cost of OMR scanning services in India also depends on the location and mode of the company, in case the company requires Addmen personnel to complete these projects on-site.