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Integration With Third Party

The OMR software is a system that provides OMR data after reading and evaluating scanned OMR sheets. While this is an efficient software that caters to all kinds of requirements, there may be cases when you have to take the data and import it into your specific system for processing it further.

However, many fear whether this is possible with the OMR software? Whether the OMR software would be able to provide data that can be used in another system is a question that many have. The answer to these questions is yes. The OMR software has evolved since its inception because thousands of people and organizations across the world have been using this product, and this has led to improvement of its features.


How does OMR software integrate data into another system?

The data structure of every software is different. Hence, the data from one system may not be accepted by another. Moreover, the OMR software cannot be designed to accommodate all kind of codes for exporting data into another system. This would add extra code to the software unnecessarily and make it difficult for others to use it. Hence, the developers of OMR software have come up with a better and more efficient idea.

The OMR software delivers the data in a generic format which can be used to import data into any system. This would be an open format without any password protection. The receiving software can pick data from specific fields and transfer into its database easily. The Addmen OMR software can provide the data in different formats which include XML, XLS, MDB, CSV, etc. These formats are accepted by almost all types of software or systems.

Integration with third party is an easy task with Addmen's OMR software. It does not involve complex steps or use of difficult coding or extra money.

Integration With Third Party

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Integration With Third Party

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Integration With Third Party

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