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OMR Sheet Scanning Format
OMR Sheet Scanning Format

Understanding OMR Sheets - OMR Sheet Scanning Format

OMR Sheets can be seen in the examination halls where candidates have to put marking for answer selection. OMR or optical mark recognition sheets are special printed forms which come with bubbles or boxes for the candidates to mark the answers. These sheets have a technical format as they either have a timeline or index points on the four corners.

OMR Sheets are scanned to get the result using scanner. OMR software reads the marking and provides the accurate results.

OMR Sheets v/s Other Bubbles Sheets

  • OMR sheets are viewed considering index points by the software to scan the answers accordingly. Index points are marked on the OMR sheets on the four corners.
  • Index point plays crucial part in marking the bubbles. It should be black in colour and not bigger than the size of the answer bubbles. There should be no dust accumulation on them.
  • The OMR answer sheet contains a block where the candidate has to fill his/her roll or unique ID number which is important for the computer to identify the right person. This block may also contain space for things like test ID, test paper code, etc. All these fields should be filled correctly for accurate reading and identification of the student or candidate.
  • Students should use black or blue ball point pen to mark the sheets. Gel pens, fountain pens and markers should be avoided.
  • Handwritten content anywhere on the sheet, especially near the index points, should be avoided. This can hamper with the reading process of the software.


Features of OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

  • Faulty images are prompted.
  • If an image is tilted or warped, the software reads the file but prompts for manual verification before entering the values into database. In no case, wrong values are accepted directly into the database.
  • When the file is misprinted or misaligned, alert is provided. Such files are skipped before entering the values into database.
  • Duplicate Roll No. or Invalid Roll No. (Not in List) are not accepted.
  • Multiple marks filled in the same column of Candidate ID or Test ID.
  • Software prompts for any blank ID or Test ID or if any column is left blank.