How to Scan OMR Sheets

A regular image scanner, which has a good scanning speed, can be used to scan the OMR sheets if you are using the OMR software. The software is not linked with the scanner in any way. The OMR sheets are scanned first and then they are read and evaluated by the software. However, there are certain rules that one has to follow to make sure that the OMR software can read the sheets perfectly. Let us take a look at them.

  • The OMR sheets have to be scanned in the correct format. OMR sheets that have objective based questions can be scanned as image at 100-200 DPI in black and white, color or grayscale format.
  • Refrain from scanning the sheets in PDF format.
  • Avoid unnecessary tilting or swaying of the sheets while scanning. Although Addmen OMR software reads the tilted and skewed sheets accurately, it is better to make sure that they are placed properly in the scanner pocket.


Type of Scanner for OMR Sheet Scanning

You have the freedom to use both ADF as well as flatbed scanners for scanning OMR sheets as per your requirement.The ADF scanner is a better scanner as you can feed 30-50 OMR sheets in its scanner pocket at a time, while for the flatbed scanner, the sheets have to be fed one by one.

Your budget is also an important factor in deciding the type of scanner you use. A scanner that scans 5-10 sheets in a minute is available at the price range of Rs. 7000 and Rs. 10000. On the other hand, a professional scanner that scans 20-30 sheets per minute is available at the price range of Rs. 20000-150,000.

It is important that you follow the rules of scanning OMR sheets, regardless of the scanner you are using for this purpose.