OMR Scanner Price and Models

Addmen's OMR software is a technology that reads and evaluates OMR sheets. Unlike the old OMR machine, it does not scan the OMR sheets. However, you do not need any special scanner to scan these sheets. A regular image scanner is sufficient to scan the OMR sheets. Once these sheets are scanned, the OMR software processes them with the help of the OMR answer sheet checker or OMR form reader. You can use a scanner of any model or brand, but make sure that it has a good scanning speed.


Types of Scanners

Two types of scanners available in the market can be used for scanning OMR sheets: the flatbed scanner and the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanner.

The ADF scanner (also known as multi-sheet fed scanner) is more preferred than the flatbed scanner because in the latter you have to feed the sheets one by one. On the other hand, you have the facility of keeping 30-50 OMR sheets in the ADF scanner pocket. In other words, the ADF scanner saves lot of time and effort. However, if you do not have to scan many OMR sheets, the flatbed scanner would be enough for your use.


OMR Scanner: Models and Prices

  • The price of an ADF scanner used for scanning OMR sheets would depend on its speed. Scanners that scan 5-10 pages every minute are models that come for cheaper prices. Such scanners are available between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 10,000.
  • If you have high workload, you can go for professional scanners. You can find both low and high end products in professional scanners.
  • The price range of professional scanners is between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 150,000. The lower end scanners scan at the speed of 20-30 sheets in a minute while the high ends ones can scan 80-120 sheets per minute.
  • Document feeder scanners of all models work well with the OMR software. Some of the best scanner brands are Canon, HP, Avision, Plustek, Fujitsu, Samsung, etc.
  • The type of scanner you buy should depend on your work requirements as well as budget.

You must remember that even if the speed of the scanner is low or high, the OMR software would be able to read 3-5 scanned OMR sheets in one second.

Manufacturer /
(ADF Model)
OMR Scan Speed (ppm) Approx. Price* (INR) Features
HP 4645 Officejet
5 10500/- Single side scan (30-50 Flatbed + ADF) All-in-one Colour Inkjet Printer + Copy + FAX
HP Scanjet 3000 20 27000/- Duplex Scanner with 50 Sheet ADF Pocket
Fujitsu 6110 20 28000/- Duplex Scanner with 50 Sheet ADF Pocket
Fujitsu 6125 30 35000/- Duplex Scanner with 50 Sheet ADF Pocket

* Prices and features mentioned above are approximate and may vary or change as per manufacturer.