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Review & Comparison of Addmen OMR Software with Other OMR Solutions

There are 3 types of OMR Solutions available in the market.

Read what makes Addmen OMR Software the best OMR Software....

Old OMR Scanning Machine Technology

  • Original evolution
  • Expensive machine
  • Expensive sheet
  • Designing and calibration are time taking processes
  • Use of thick paper for printing
  • Two colored printing essential
  • Raw data received by the scanner machine is processed by external software
  • No guarantee of receiving accurate results.

OMR Softwares, Based on Old Technology

  • No need of expensive machines, but high end scanners are essential
  • Time and style of sheet designing and calibration same as OMR scanning machine technology
  • Needs thick paper and two colors for printing
  • Only limited OMR sheet designs are available
  • Additional modules like OMR sheet design, reading and test results are also available.

Addmen OMR Sheet Scanning Software

  • No need to use expensive or high end scanners; regular office scanners are sufficient
  • OMR sheets can be designed easily using the drag and drop method
  • The sheets are calibrated during the OMR designing process
  • The sheets can be printed black and white
  • Normal paper can be used for printing
  • Provides instant results and graphical analysis reports.

Although the old OMR technology is a unique innovation 25 years back, it has become outdated over the years. On the other hand, Addmen's OMR technology was introduced 12 years ago and evolved as the best OMR product over the years. The other OMR softwares are a creation of the competition created by Addmen but are based on the old technology and hence have not been able to garner much business.

Addmen OMR software provides complete OMR solutions, which helps to design, read and process the OMR sheets. There are three modules of this OMR software which include the OMR sheet checker, the OMR form reader and question paper generator software. This OMR software is considered to be the best as it easy to use, efficient, accurate and affordable too. This is because unlike the old OMR technology, you do not need to use special tools or equipment for designing, scanning and reading these OMR sheets. This OMR software review will give you a clear picture about the benefits of using this software.


OMR Sheet Designing and Printing

The OMR software gives you the freedom of designing and printing OMR sheets on your own, without taking help from anyone. The OMR sheet designing software is an inbuilt facility and helps to design various types of OMR sheets with the drag and drop method. This is not possible with the old OMR technology or with any other OMR software. In these cases, you would have to rely on OMR sheet designing experts. This can be avoided with Addmen's OMR software.

The OMR software by Addmen calibrates the sheets during the designing process, thus saving a lot of time. This is another facility which is not available with other OMR software or with the OMR sheets based on the old OMR technology. In these processes, it would take a lot of time to calibrate the sheets. However, apart from automatic calibrating the OMR sheets, the Addmen software has the ability to calibrate the old pattern OMR sheets too.

Just like designing, printing the OMR sheets is also a hassle in regards to the old OMR technology. You have to depend on printers and give orders several days in advance. Moreover, the papers required for printing are also expensive because they require thick papers. On the other hand, printing with the new OMR software is quite a simple process. You can use normal white paper usually used for printing and get the sheets printed with an inkjet or laser printer. This gives you the freedom to print as many sheets as you want and that too at any time.


OMR Sheet Scanning

The old OMR technology is dependent on an OMR scanning machine for scanning as well as reading the OMR sheets. This scanning machine is bulky as well as expensive. However, here the reading and processing is done by the software and hence there is no need to use a special scanner. The scanning of the OMR sheets can be done on any scanner as it does not have to be integrated with the PC that has the OMR software. The scanning and reading processes can be conducted in two different computers.

As OMR scanning and OMR reading can be done at different locations, it is a great system for institutes that have several branches. The OMR sheets can be scanned at the branches and the scanned sheets can be brought to the main office via email or FTP. This way you do not have to buy more than one software. This OMR software was used for reading answer sheets of IIT JEE examination. Here is a table that compares three types of OMR solutions that are available in the market today and states how Addmen's OMR software is the best amongst the three.

The OMR software review clearly states that Addmen OMR software is the best OMR solution available today.