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Download Addmen OMR Sheet Checker Software - MCQ Test Answer Sheet Checking Process

The OMR software has three modules, out of which the first one is the OMR answer sheet checker. This is used for MCQ based examinations, which are usually entrance examinations. This module of the OMR software is useful and efficient and can be used by anyone to design as well as to read the OMR sheets. The working of the answer sheet checker can be explained in four simple steps. They are:

  1. Define test
  2. Set answer key
  3. Read scanned sheets
  4. View results


Define test Here you can set the question paper for the test by defining the test parameters like test name, test date, subject or section, number of questions in every subject or in every section, etc.

Set answer key:

  • This is the step where you create answer key for the question paper.
  • You can also set the marking scheme and allot marks for every question in this section.
  • The answer key can be imported either by copy pasting the answers from Excel or by typing them manually.
  • You can import the answer from a correctly filled OMR sheet.

Read scanned sheets:

  • The filled OMR sheets are first scanned and then read by the software.
  • The scanned OMR sheets are saved in a folder.
  • When you select the scanned files, the software reads and evaluates them.
  • You will receive real time software updates if there are any mistakes in filling of the bubbles.
  • The data collected from these sheets are stored in the sheet checker software.

View results:

  • The software takes the data obtained from the OMR sheets and calculates the scores and generates the reports.
  • The OMR reports are available in the form of mark lists, graphical reports, etc.
  • You can also create your own reports by transferring the data into Excel, Access and such other formats.

Additional Features of OMR Answer Sheet Checking Process

In short, the OMR answer sheet checking process is done in 4 simple steps of operation. Apart from this, Addmen OMR software has simplified the designing, printing and scanning processes.

Design: The OMR sheets can be designed in different patterns and layouts. The sheets can be created by dragging and dropping the bubbles. Moreover, the sheets are calibrated during the designing process. Once you have created your desired OMR sheet, you can add the name and logo of the institute.

Print: Although the OMR software does not print the OMR sheets, you do not have to print the sheets with a special printing machine for the software to read them. Normal inkjet and laser printers can be used for this purpose. You can also use normal white paper instead of thick papers for printing.

Scan: The scanning of the OMR sheets can be done with the help of a normal OMR scanner. You need high end scanners only if you have to scan lots of OMR sheets. Otherwise, a regular scanner used in homes and offices is sufficient. The brand and model of the scanner are not crucial for good OMR sheet scanning.

The OMR sheet checker software can be downloaded from our website. This is a great tool if you have to deal with OMR sheets reading and processing on a daily basis.


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