Various methods of printing

You may think that printing OMR sheets is a hassle as you have to get it done from a printing press. But this is not true. Today, OMR sheets can be printed on your own with a normal printers used in homes and offices. Not just that, there are various methods of printing the OMR sheets. Laser printer and inkjet printer are commonly used for OMR sheet printing. You can print both colored and black and white OMR sheets on your own. Let us take a look at the types of printing that can be used to print OMR sheets.


Home or office printer

You can use the black and white or color laser as well as inkjet printer for printing the OMR sheets. Digital copier printer and rezograph also work well for this purpose. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind while using this printer for OMR sheet printing:

  • The printer page should be changed from Letter (standard page) to A4 before printing the OMR sheets.
  • Make sure that your inkjet printer is in good condition. Printers that cause smudging and blotting while printing should not be used.
  • Ensure that the option for 'fit-to-page' or page scaling is switched off.


Offset printer

If you have to print large amount of OMR sheets, it would be best to get them printed from your nearby offset printing press. Here are the details that you should know about offset printing.

  • Offset printers can be used for both black and white as well as color printing.
  • Always print using Plates and not Tracing sheet or Master.
  • You should opt for Corel Draw and not PFD to make the Plates for printing.
  • All the pieces of paper cut after printing should be of the same size.



Using a photocopy machine is another option for printing OMR sheets. But you have to follow some rules if you pick this option.

  • The photocopier should be in good condition and should provide clear and good quality photocopies of the OMR sheets.
  • The photocopies should be clear and there should be no lines or black dust over them.
  • The size of the photocopy and the OMR sheet design should be the same.
  • The index points on the photocopies should be solid black.

Whichever method you may choose for OMR sheet printing, you have to use the design source file available in the OMR sheet design facility provided by the OMR software. If this is not available, use Corel Draw software. Avoid using PDF files for printing these sheets. The scanned image of the master OMR sheet printout should not be used for printing.