OMR Scanning Features

Equipped with the OMR scanning software, you are free to use any regular flatbed or ADF scanner. The scanner you’ll use will not be in any way interlinked with the scanning software. No need to be concerned about compatibility issues, as the working of one will not affect the functioning of the other.

The type or the model of a scanner has little to do with the working of the OMR scanning software. Use a fairly configured PC at any location with an installed scanner. The scanning software need not be installed in the PC while scanning the OMR sheets. OMR sheet scanning and OMR sheet reading are two different tasks that can be performed on different computers.

A single PC where scanning software is installed is enough to handle the entire task. There’s absolutely no need for owning multiple licenses. Simply scan the sheets at the respective exam centres and upload them onto a central server location for sharing download and evaluation.

Modifications and Docility Related to OMR Sheet Scanning

  • The software solution uses scanned images of the OMR answer sheets or OMR forms for data collection and processing.
  • Duplex sheets are compatible with the scanning software, as it can perfectly read both sides of the sheet.
  • Preferably, scan the images in BMP or TIF formats, and set the resolution to 100/150/200 DPI.
  • Supports black & white and colored scanning.
  • Software can easily read barcode, OCR blocks, and lithocodes.
  • Color dropping feature is available, which is quite useful for accurate scanning.
  • There is no need to rescan the sheets if you encounter reading errors. The software simply adjusts the intensity of color and brightness automatically.
  • Skewed and misaligned OMR sheets are auto-corrected for processing. The results are always accurate. Filling errors can be resolved by manual administration, which the software prompts for by flashing user alerts.
  • You can also rotate the images or change their angles for better scanning.


Self-regulating Reading after Scanning is Done

This is one among the best OMR scanning features. Addmen OMR scanning software automatically starts reading the scanned images immediately upon scanning them, thus offering superfast processing speeds. So, if you’re loaded with thousands of OMR sheets, you can save some time and energy by choosing the option of automatic reading upon scanning, as one of the best OMR scanning features offered by Addmen’s OMR scanning software.