OMR Scanning Services

Addmen is a leading company that provides complete OMR solutions. Our OMR software is the best as it not only reads and evaluates the OMR sheets but also helps to design the sheets. However, apart from being the manufacturers of this product, Addmen also provides OMR scanning services to organizations, institutes and companies across the countries. We offer end-to-end services to our clients. From designing to declaring the results, we provide complete OMR solutions.

Why Hire our Outsourcing Services?

  • We have more than 12 years of experience in handling, designing and evaluating OMR sheets. Our experience can be attributed to more than 100 projects that we have successfully completed.
  • Addmen possesses all the high-end equipment to scan and evaluate OMR sheets quickly. Our high speed scanners have the ability to scan 10,000 sheets per hour.
  • Our software can process around 100,000 sheets every day.
  • We help you to declare online results along with online OMR sheets.
  • You can also opt for in-office evaluation, which is an economic option.

Let us take a look at the different types of OMR solutions offered by Addmen group.

Designing and printing: We design as well as print single or black color as well as double color (black and pink) OMR sheets. Multi-color OMR sheets are also available with us. When it comes to sides, you can opt for single side reading or double side reading (duplex) OMR sheets.

While we do design one copy OMR sheets, we also offer to supply carbonless OMR sheets. These sheets have two copies, one of which the candidate can carry home after the examination. These sheets help to keep transparency in the OMR process. We also provide OMR sheets that have barcode and lithocode.

Numbering and packing: Once the sheets are printed, the next step is numbering them. This is done either manually or through digital printing. We can also print barcode or lithocode on the sheets.

After this, the sheets are packed in poly bags. They are grouped in the sets of 50, 100 or 200. The number of sheets in a package would depend on factors like the type of sheet used and its thickness. For the final packaging of the OMR sheets, cardboard box cartons are used.

Dispatch and Delivery

After the sheets are packed in carton, they are dispatched via hand or couriers. They can be sent to client offices or directly to the examination centres. We also deliver OMR sheets at short notices. Our association with OMR printers across the country makes this possible.

Recruitment Exam Solutions

Addmen group provides complete specializes in providing complete recruitment solutions to our clients. Our recruitment software covers everything from collecting data through online application to declaring the results of the test. We also provide the platform to conduct online recruitment tests.

Feel free to call us to know more about our OMR scanning services. We would provide you with all the details of this service.

OMR Scanning Services