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Psychometric test checking

Addmen offers the best OMR software in the industry as it has lot more features than merely reading and evaluating the OMR sheets. Apart from checking OMR answer sheets and reading OMR forms, it also offers psychometric test checking facility. This is different from MCQ tests as the later has one or two right answers and other wrong answers. However, psychometric tests do not have correct and incorrect answers. Let us try to know more about this test.


What is psychometric test?

Psychometric test is a process to understand the psychological attributes of a person. Such tests are usually taken during the recruitment tests for high profile jobs like defence force, air force, navy force, merchant navy, special task force, airline crew, etc.


How is psychometric test different from regular MCQ test?

The answers of psychometric tests would vary from person to person and does not have a right or wrong answer. On the other hand, all the options given in the psychometric test are correct. The aim of the psychometric test is to judge how suitable a person is for a particular psychological attribute.

In case there are four options for one question, each option would be given a score. For e.g. A=7, B=2, C=1, D=0. Also, the marking for every question would be different. Once the candidate has filled the sheet, the scores are added and the decision is taken as per the psychometric range pre-decided by the question paper setters.

Addmen's OMR software has the ability to read and evaluate psychometric tests accurately and efficiently.


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Psychometric Test Checking