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OMR Test Checker Mark List

One of the many features of Addmen's OMR software is report generation. Once the test papers are scored, you can generate reports for these test papers with just a click. While the reports are available in various formats, the most popular one comes is the mark list format. This format is where the scores of all the students are shown together. Such a mark list is usually used when the test marks have to be put up on the notice board for students to view.


Types of Mark Lists

Different types of mark lists are generated by the OMR software. These mark lists display the scores of the students against their name, roll no., rank, etc. You may also find other details like percentage, rank, group/batch, etc. Each row contains the marks of the students and one sheet of paper can contain the scores of almost 25-50 students. Here are some of the mark lists used quite commonly.

Consolidated scores mark lists

This is the most basic type of mark list as it only contains the total marks of the candidate or student. This is usually used when only the total marks is required to decide whether a student is eligible for admission or any such other reason. The test may contain many sections or papers, but only the total or final score is displayed on this mark list.

OMR Test Checker Mark List
OMR Test Checker Mark List

Mark Lists for Section-wise Scores

  • Contains section-wise scores of each student, along with the total scores against their names.
  • Used for assessing the candidate’s performance in each section of the test, individually.
  • Scores that are above the cut-off marks per section are marked in blue, and the scores that are lower than the cut-off marks are highlighted in red, so it is easy to identify and grade the students according to the scores they obtained.
OMR Test Checker Mark List
OMR Test Checker Mark List

Detailed Mark Lists

  • Contains section wise scores, as well as consolidated scores.
  • Also contains detailed additional information like the no. of questions attempted, no. of correct answers, and no. of incorrect answers etc.
  • All these elements are shown in separate columns in the mark list.

Cumulative Mark Lists for Multiple Tests

  • Contains the scores of all the test papers as part of one cumulative exam.
  • These mark lists contain more than one column for each student.
  • Features separate rows for each test paper score and another column to display the cumulative scores.
  • Sometimes, they only have one column per student for displaying the grand total of all the tests conducted.