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Online Test Results on website

Online OMR Test Result Shows :

  • OMR Sheet of the candidate
  • Graphical Performance Report
  • Question wise Test Analysis
  • Solutions & Description to Online Question

It is possible to send SMS of OMR test results and online test results

The SMS system is an inbuilt feature of the OMR software, which is integrated into the online exam system software. While this is free of cost, you need to buy SMS credits to actually send the results.

This utility can also be used to send other types of SMS.

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Online Test Result on Website
Online Test Result Software Price
How to upload Online Test Result ?
Online Test Result
on Android

Addmen's OMR software provides you the option of uploading the test results of your students online. This is an inbuilt facility available with the OMR software. The biggest benefit of online result on website is that parents do not have to go to or call at the institute to know about their performance. They just need to log in to the institutes website and click on the link to know the results. Here, we have provided answers to some of the common questions that people have about online result on website.


How are the results uploaded on the website?

Uploading the results online is very easy and does not take any time. In fact, the OMR software has the facility of directly uploading the results online.


In what form can the students view the online test results on the website?

The results are uploaded in the tabular format. The software creates separate reports in the PDF format for each student. This PDF contains detailed report of every test, along with marks obtained for every question, section and topic. Moreover, the students can view only their reports as the reports are password protected.

The reports can also be made available in the graphical format. The students can see their performance level through pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs. Apart from this, the online test reports also show the students' marks in comparison to that of minimum scorer, average scorer as well as the top five scorers.


Does one have to pay for this online result facility?

Yes, you have to pay for displaying the results on your institutes website. You can either take the facility on rent for a year or buy the software license by paying once.


Can I upload the results of subjective exams?

Apart from uploading the results of the OMR tests or exams, you can also upload the results of subjective exams. However, as the checking of subjective exams is done manually, you have to enter the results manually too.

The facility of uploading online result on website is truly advantageous, both for the institute as well as students and their parents. The institute does not have to waste money on getting the results printed and sent to the students, while the students can get to know their results quickly and that too in detail.

Online Test Result